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Over 300 participants at the highest level in the „Accelerate Green” forum today
Sofia, April 19, 2022Green Finance & Energy Centre – the first of its kind think-tank for sustainable finance and energy, initiated by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and supported by the Ministry of Finance, is holding a round table today on policies and practices to stimulate green investment in business.
The Accelerate Green forum is attended by Asen Vassilev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Borislav Sandov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Water. Lilyana Pavlova, Vice President of the European Investment Bank, representatives of the global analytical company Refinitiv and leading European financiers will introduce the participants to the most important topics of the day in the field of sustainable finance. Reputable personalities from the Green Finance & Energy Center will share the experience of the state, business, academia and the non-governmental sector during two thematic panels.

„The start of the green transformation is a fact and the process is irreversible, and it will be catalyzed by the war in Ukraine. We believe that the time has come for all stakeholders to act together - to define and transfer policies and follow the best global practices for sustainable development of Bulgaria.”, said Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, Chairperson of the Centre and CEO of BSE.

At the forum, the Centre will present the adopted Guidelines for Accounting for Environmental Development, Social Responsibility and Good Corporate Governance, which encourage companies to implement ESG practices. For its part, the BSE will also present the opportunity to measure and report them through the Oxygen initiative - a technological solution created in partnership with the leading European company Plan A, as well as upgrading it by preparing ESG ratings in partnership with Refinitiv to distinguish companies that pursue a sustainable policy. This will be the basis for the creation of a Green Stock Exchange Index, which is expected to begin to be calculated by the end of the year. Thus, along with the approved National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, the capital market is emerging as another major source of funding for the green transformation of our economy.

Accelerate Green gathers together more than 300 representatives of public and non-public companies, start-ups, business organizations, NGOs and academia. The event is held with the assistance of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange, the insurance company Colonnade and the United Bulgarian Bank.

You can follow the event online in English at:
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